User Group Summit Blues? Keep Connecting and Engaging in the Community!

By Ginny Lebeck posted 10 days ago

It's been a few weeks since User Group Summit and like many of you who attended, I always experience a "blue time" when returning back to work and home. It's like planning for a vacation or a big party for months and the adrenaline is incredibly high leading up to and during the event but eventually there's a course correction when it's all over. But the connections you made and the training you enjoyed doesn't have to end in Orlando. The excitement and learning can continue even after you turn off your out of office replies. You may have seen and heard this phrase during User Group Summit that I'd love to share as a reminder:

Your Community Is Always On 

If you're not engaging in the Community, you're not getting the true value that exists 365 days of the year. There's problem-solving at your fingertips and people in this award-winning Community who are ready to share their knowledge and connect with you if you are willing to take a few small, but impactful steps:

I've also received a number of emails asking "How can I get more involved?". Please check out our Volunteer section and fill out the Profile section, which gives us an idea of how you'd like to share your time and talents. 

Speaking of volunteers, kudos to our recent rock stars in the GPUG Community!  The following were recipients of the GPUG All Star and Richard Whaley awards at User Group Summit! 

GPUG All Stars (voted by their peers in the Community)
@Aleiha Hanson
@Sara Flaws
@Kyle Malone
@Abra Gilman
@Jo deRuiter

GPUG Richard Whaley Academy (awarded by Dynamic Communities)
@Blair Christensen 

Finally, shout out to several of our GPUG Board of Directors - @Michelle Kocher, @Anne Provost, @Jason Zonts and @Bryan Robertson - who shared their personal tips, tricks and advice to over 400 first time Summit attendees (across all our Dynamics User Groups and Power Platform) on how this Freshman Summit class could get the most out of their experience. 

First Timer's

Have questions? Please reach out to me - I'd be happy to chat with you on how you can be using your resources in the Community.