Subscribing to the GPUG RSS Feed

By Ginny Lebeck posted 29 days ago


How to Subscribe to GPUG Blogs via RSS Feed

The GPUG Blog is filled with content from the Dynamics GP Community, including User Members, Partners, Industry Experts, and GPUG Staff.  All GPUG participants are invited to blog on the site – share Dynamics GP insights, helpful tips, or lessons learned through your use of the product (provided, of course, that your posts are educational, relevant, and free of promotional content). 

Did you know that you can subscribe to the blog via RSS so you never miss a post? 

Here's how to set up the GPUG Blog RSS feed:

Browse to and sign in.

Click the drop-down arrow next to your photo in the upper right-hand corner and click Profile.


 Click on the My Settings tab and select RSS Feeds.


 Click the Blogs tab and choose All Blogs.  Slide the tab All Blogs to ON.


Copy the link provided and paste it into Outlook or the feed reader of your choice.  


Next Add RSS Feed to Outlook

RSS feed notifications can be placed into a separate Outlook folder (so you're sure to see when new blogs are posted!).

In Outlook, go to File > Account Settings > RSS Feeds tab.

Click New. Paste the link that you copied in the previous step and click Add.  Click Close.  




RSS Feed folder is located under your RSS Feeds in your Outlook folder list. You can keep as is or click to select the folder and drag it up to your Favorites so you won't miss a post!

Do you have a favorite tip or resource on the GPUG site? I'd love to hear from you!