GPUG Summit Phoenix - Connect with Your Community in Real Time

By Ginny Lebeck posted 06-25-2018 05:36 PM

There's no doubt about it, today's workplace allows us to connect with others virtually anytime and anywhere/24-7. In the span of one day - you may have "talked" to 20, 30 , 40 or maybe even more colleagues through email, phone, social media outlets, Skype, etc. and it's pretty cool that you didn't even have to leave your office to do so.  But while technology indeed creates efficiencies in the workplace across the board, there's nothing quite like meaningful conversations and expansive, hands-on learning that can only take place face-to-face.

Move Away from the Monitor and Engage in Real Face Time at GPUG Summit Phoenix

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet @Shari Bruno - a GPUG End User Member, at GPUG Amplify this past March. I've seen Shari's name in the community, have read her posts and have probably emailed her a number of times. So you may say I "knew her" virtually. But when we struck up a conversation at the Expo reception at Amplify and shared stories about kids, family- and yes, how she uses Dynamics GP in the workplace and what she values about the GPUG Community - we were able to experience a meaningful and robust dialogue.  It was a priceless face time opportunity. 

You can experience these moments as well during GPUG Summit Phoenix. A lot of them, actually.  Close to 2,000 GPUGers were in attendance last year and 2018 is proving to be one of our best Summits ever! So many chances exist to learn alongside your peers and foster those vital connections. What makes this event so unique?

Here's just a few reasons not to miss it:

  • Over a dozen tracks geared specifically for your job role - 3 new in 2018 
  • 175+ deep dive sessions - practical information you can apply immediately and be the office hero
  • Opportunities galore for Pre-Summit Academy classes
  • Networking time throughout the day, even at lunch (feed your body and mind!)
  • Advanced Networking events every evening
  • The latest Dynamics GP functionality and roadmap updates
  • GPUG Medics available each day
  • Ample opportunities to meet and chat with GPUG All-Stars, Microsoft MVPs, and Microsoft support resources
  • Last but not least - it will be FUN! 

After GPUG Amplify, Shari emailed me to convey the incredible value she saw in attending BOTH GPUG Amplify and GPUG Summit. So not having to choose between the two - but using them complementary to each other:

"I am always looking for the return on investment when attending these types of events. The two GPUG Summits I have attended have paid for themselves in consultant fees and employee time saved, as I’ve been able to apply things that I learned there without pulling in our consultant, or spending days spinning my wheels and googling for ideas," she said.   

She continued with "But Amplify? I honestly didn’t see the need to attend that conference since I already go to Summit. I only went because it was in my backyard this year and I figured that what my company did not have to pay in airline, hotel, and food costs, would still make it worth my while even if I came back with nothing more than new contacts met through networking. Except I came back with much more, and discovered the value in attending Amplify, not in place of, but along with, attending Summit."

If you haven't registered already - why not save yourself $400 and secure your spot by this Thursday, June 28th during early bird - time is of the essence to lock in your discount.  I'm looking forward to meeting each and every one of you in Phoenix this October!


Amplify2018_-_ShariandGinny.jpg​Shari Bruno and I at GPUG Amplify this past March