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Challenge: Describing Our GPUG Community in Five Words

By Ginny Lebeck posted May 17, 2018 06:28 PM

A few weeks ago, a new colleague reached out to me and explained she was crafting a message geared towards subscribers that would provide insight into the GPUG Community.  "I heard GPUG was THE fun group, but that's all I know," she said. Of course, given the bandwidth I can talk for hours on end about our fabulous community so I opened the floodgates and started describing examples, relaying stories, sharing conference highlights and walking her through the dynamics at play in this powerful community. There was a bit of silence on the other end. "That sounds incredible and could fill a few pages of the GPUG Magazine - but I was kind of looking for just 5 words to sum it up."  Now that's a more difficult challenge. 

How would you describe our community in 5 words or less? 

The first word that came to my mind: Passionate. It's obvious in conversations, at conferences, chapter meetings, gatherings, social media, and every day through the Open Forum.  The awesome people who make up this community love Microsoft Dynamics GP - and it shows. Everywhere. 

Collaborative: Have a question? Need some guidance? Desperate for advice? Freaking out because you think you just deleted your entire payroll? There are so many in the community who have been there, done that - and they are ready to offer suggestions, ask for more information or just to listen. 

Innovative: An insightful new workaround.  A savvy way to save time on your processes. A tip that makes you the office hero. If there's a solution or an avenue to try, GPUGers will find it, and share with the community. 

Powerful: The power of one, one community that is powered by users for users.  Make essential connections, expand your Dynamics GP knowledge, understand best practices, uncover vital solutions and grow personally and professionally by the many volunteer opportunities. Absorb the nuggets of knowledge - and then return the favor.  

Fun: Of course I have to end, where I began this blog, "I heard GPUG was THE fun group." She was right on the money. Just look at the photos, read the posts, attend our events (GPUG Summit Phoenix early bird deadline is June 28th - make plans to attend!) and connect, engage and find out for yourself why we are an award-winning community! It's not just a membership that lives on a piece of paper - it's an experience. 

If you are reading this and not a GPUG Member, we can't wait for you to join us, you can learn more here. ​

So, what five words would you use to describe this community? Find me on Twitter (@GinnyLebeck) and post your thoughts using the hashtag #GPUGin5words - will love to read your comments!