Richard Whaley Academy Award Winner Announced at GPUG Summit 2016

By Delaney Freer posted Oct 31, 2016 12:02 PM


Together GPUG Director Bob McAdam and Betsey Whaley presented the Richard Whaley Academy Award to Rhonda Runde, CPA, CGMA at this year’s GPUG Summit conference.

Richard Whaley was an author and publisher, long time GPUG Member, GPUG All Star, and well respected Academy instructor, who selflessly contributed countless hours of his time and talents to his GPUG Academy students. Whaley passed away July 1, 2014.

“The Richard Whaley Academy Award was created as a way to honor Richard and carry on his legacy,” said Academy Director Rich Beliveau. “An award in his honor is a way for GPUG and the community to recognize others who have been influenced by his example.”

Bob McAdam congratulates winner Rhonda Runde as she joins him onstage.

Rhonda Runde was hand-selected by GPUG Academy staff due to her tremendous involvement. She is a GPUG Academy student that has had an incredible drive to learn everything Dynamics GP. She is a Controller at Explorer Pipeline in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been a GPUG Member since 2013.

"I met Richard at Convergence a couple of years ago and found him to be very knowledgeable and down-to-earth," said Runde. "Winning an award named after him was quite an honor. I own several of his books."

Ronda has achieved all four GPUG Professional Certificates:

The completion of these certificate programs has identified Runde as a leading professional in her field, in addition to providing her in-depth Dynamics GP and supporting tools education.

“Rhonda has been a positive role model in all of the courses that she has attended,” said Academy Manager Daisey Eck. “She is able to share her experiences with Dynamics GP in the ‘real world’ to enhance other student’s knowledge.”

"I would encourage anyone to begin taking GPUG Academy courses and then share what you learn with your team," said Runde. "Due to internal control constraints, I don't have access to many things that members of my team work with every day, so it helps to have knowledge of what's out there and available."

(L-R) Bob McAdam, Betsy Whaley, Rhonda Runde

Previous recipients include Bob McAdam, GPUG Director, Dynamic Communities (’14).

"Richard was a superb knowledge-base for Dynamics GP and for this community," said McAdam. "I was honored to be the first recipient as a GPUG Academy instructor. We miss him, but we are carrying his legacy forward."

"Winning the Richard Whaley award was a surprise and an honor," said Runde. "Someday I would like to teach an Academy class of my own."

Learn more about Runde in her GPUG Member Profile and watch our recording of her receiving the award (skip to about 32 minutes in).

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