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Year End Update - affected custom reports

By David Buzzell posted Mar 04, 2021 05:21 PM

Haven't had issues  with version upgrades or year-end upgrades in the past.
I have encountered a number of custom reports that now have errors such as 
"Frame "RM Statement Long Form" of report "RM Statement Long Form" references a non-existant Picture."

Do you know what could be causing this?

Once an image is used in Report Writer - is it embedded in the report - or does it reference it from a library or specific directory?
Does Report Writer reference an image in a specific directory - could the reference be wrong?

As a follow up additional comment.   I do have a local copy on one the workstations that works.   I exported the broken reports, imported onto my workstation (also local DIC files) and get the error message that the Picture (logo) is not found.   I can't figure out where this file may be stored or referenced that both of these PC's wouldn't be equal.
I'm sure it is a relative reference issue - just don't know where to look or fix.
Also, the PC that it is working on is a new replacement - so if something would be missing or not accessible, I would think it would be that one.