3 Awesome Dynamics GP Payroll Features That You May Not Know About

By Dan Doolin posted Mar 31, 2015 10:01 AM


Microsoft Dynamics® GP is an expansive system with many features across countless modules. This is obviously fantastic, but sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all the features within the system. From a Payroll perspective, there are three features that are included with the Payroll “module” that you may not realize are there. Some of the reason is that these features are part of a separate install called Core Payroll Extensions, but they are included with your Dynamics GP license. The features are:

  • Overtime Rate Manager

  • Deductions In Arrears

  • Payroll Integration to Payables

Overtime Rate Manager

This feature enables you to configure Dynamics GP to perform blended overtime rate calculations for FLSA compliance.  If you have employees earning multiple rates of pay and/or receiving a bonus in a pay period in which they are working overtime, you are required by FLSA to calculate their overtime rate based on a weighted hourly wage. 

Deductions In Arrears

Your employee didn’t have wages in the pay period or didn’t earn enough to cover all their deductions? No Problem, within this feature, you can mark deductions as allowing them to go into arrears and even mandatory. The deductions will automatically be collected in subsequent pay periods.

Payroll Integration to Payables

When taxes and deductions get withheld from employees’ paychecks, that money needs to be sent to taxing bodies, insurance providers, third party administrators, etc. Traditionally, the information is taken from a report and payables transactions are created manually. However, with this feature, those payables transactions can be automatically created when the payroll is posted…..yes, even down to employee specific garnishment payments.

In the last few weeks, I have encountered a few customers (and even a partner or two) that were not aware of these features, hence this post. I hope that if you were not aware of these features, that they add value to your Dynamics GP payroll experience.

In full disclosure, these features were made available in the core product through a licensing agreement between Microsoft and Integrity Data.

by Dan Doolin, Senior Account Executive for Integrity Data | integrity-data.com | 888.786.6162
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