Looking for Year End Rounding Script

By Candice DeShields posted Oct 29, 2018 12:55 PM

Hello Everyone,

During our last year end closing we had a issue come up in which we found out that some journal entries had not been rounded to the hundredths place before being uploaded in GP. We had a round time finding all of the little areas in which need to be have fractions of penny changed. Does anyone out there have a script that could possible help us fix this issue? We know this is probably going to happen again and would like to make it a little easier on ourselves this year.

Thank you for any advice!
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Nov 30, 2018 05:06 PM

@Candice DeShields,

I had a similar problem with un-rounded finance charges computed by an external process and imported into a GP batch and posted.

For journal entries I would try using the Copy-Paste capability in GP. Something like this:

Using Excel, create a connection to your GP database and query the AccountTransactions View for any transaction with a debit or credi​t that is NOT equal to ROUND(debit, 2) or ROUND(credit, 2).

With that list of transactions you can then compute a column equal to the fraction of a cent that needs to be rounded up or down... making them into debits or credits as appropriate.

Then you can create an Excel workbook for the purposes of doing a copy-paste that includes all the transactions you just created with the fractional cents; paste those fractional cents into GP and post the batch.

That's a rough outline, but I hope that it provides enough detail.


Steve Erbach
GLC Minerals
Green Bay, WI