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Bob's BloGPipes - Board of Advisors announcement

By Bob McAdam posted May 21, 2019 09:42 PM


I’m announcing a change with our GPUG Board of Advisors (BOA) that is effective June 1, 2019.

Delta Medical Systems' @Michelle Kocher, who has been serving as Vice Chair of our BOA, will take over as the Chair of the Board beginning next month as @Rick Zich has taken up employment in a new industry, and will no longer be a Dynamics GP end user. Having my friend Michelle chairing the GPUG BOA is great news for the community; saying goodbye to my friend Rick after his many years of service with the GPUG BOA is not-so-great news, but certainly understandable. We lose a great GPUG leader but gain a great one for this important leadership role simultaneously – we’re quite fortunate around here, to say the least.

Michelle has been active with GPUG for several years and has presented educational topics many times at GPUG Summit. She won a ‘GPUG All*Star’ award in Tampa during 2013, then earned ‘Chapter Leader of the Year’ award three years later, also in Tampa, for her leadership in Milwaukee. While her responsibilities at Delta Medical Systems have increased the past few years, she didn’t hesitate to take on this new role with the GPUG BOA, which is wonderful news for all involved. Congratulations, Michelle!

Rick has been Chair of the GPUG BOA more than one time in his career and has held this role the past few years while I've been GPUG’s General Manager. He has offered superb advice when needed, presented numerous times to both our GPUG constituency as well as to our Executive Program attendees during GPUG Summit, and has earned volunteer recognition awards each year while Chair. I will miss having him around these GPUG hallways, but wish him the best as he embarks on a new career path that I know he will find tremendous success in.

Please join me in thanking both Michelle and Rick for their service to the GPUG community!

Any questions about this announcement can be directed to me at:







May 22, 2019 11:35 AM

Congratulations @Michelle Kocher on this new leading position with the organization!!
Thanks for everything you do with continuing this organization moving forward even more.
Steve Burney​

May 22, 2019 08:29 AM

Congratulations Michelle!  You are a great leader and it's wonderful to see you get the recognition.
The most important part of leading is to make sure GPUG stands behind it's mission.  It's a user's group and you are a great user who will see things through!  
Congrats and have a fun ride!