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Bob's BloGPipes - GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Dynamics GP Custom Developers (Part 10)

By Bob McAdam posted Sep 06, 2018 11:55 AM


GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Custom Developers

If you’re a developer, you have to know the ins and outs of the Dynamics GP system. High level just doesn’t cut it, which is exactly why GPUG Summit has added a developer track to it’s amazing line-up.  You asked for it, and now we're delivering it!

Here are just a few examples of how attending GPUG Summit, October 15-18, can help you master your Dynamics GP environment and improve your overall efficiency:

o   Steve Mayhue, Senior Developer/DBA at My Florida Regional MLS, has a session that asks, ‘Where Did My Document Attachments Wander Off To?’  Hear directly from an experienced end user development resource about image retrieval from Dynamics GP and how documents are attached in the system.  Steve sends you home with the demonstrated code to boot.

o   Tim Wappat, Group Software Development Manager at Canford Audio PLC has trekked all the way from the UK to present on developing Dynamics GP Add-ins leveraging Visual Studio.  If you seek to write your own add-ins for Dynamics GP or simply need a better understanding of what’s possible, Tim delivers the answers.

o   David Musgrave, Managing Director at Winthrop Development Consultants, has ventured even further (from Perth) in his mission to fulfill four GPUG Summit sessions as well as GPUG Academy the week before.  He’ll be co-hosting a session (with Mariano Gomez) centering on UI customization as well as a Developer Roundtable on the final morning of GPUG Summit, so bring your toughest questions and take home solutions. Coders rejoice!

Check out more developer-related sessions on the GPUG Summit schedule!

The 12th annual GPUG Summit has something for everyone, regardless of what role in the organization you fulfill.  In fact, we have numerous GP goings-on all week long – educational & partner solution sessions, networking opportunities, GPUG Academy events – that will prepare you to meet your back office challenges better and more efficiently than ever before, and this is just a sampling.  Perhaps when you get back to the office, you’ll be that Dynamics GP resource envy of all your co-workers because YOU registered for and attended GPUG Summit.  Sign up at today!