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Bob's BloGPipes - GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Dynamics GP Distribution (Part 8)

By Bob McAdam posted Sep 05, 2018 07:26 PM


GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Distribution

If you’re a Distribution resource working sales, procurement, or directly with inventory at a small or mid-sized business that runs Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’re an end user of the most configurable and flexible ERP solution in the world.  You’re responsible for a lot of tasks and related information, so you need to leverage YOUR financial system and that’s not always easy. 

Attending GPUG Summit in Phoenix this October 15-18 is easy, however, and here are just a few examples of how it can help you master your Dynamics GP environment and improve your overall efficiency:

o   Jeffrey Porter, CMO at StockIQ Technologies, helps present a session that assists attendees in turning their inventory from a liability to an asset, striking a balance between inventory planning and controlling inventory.  He has tremendous experience with demand planning, so if you’re trying to make the most of your inventory investment, this session has tremendous ROI for you.

o   Shannon Mullins, Senior Implementation Consultant at Kraft Enterprise Systems, has a fully-integrated session discussing both Sales Order Processing (SOP) and Purchase Order Processing (POP).  Many Dynamics GP end user companies utilize one or the other, but does your business rely on both areas, and if so, are you effectively tying them to your Inventory Control module?  Shannon addresses setup and usage of both - in an hour.

o   John Klare, President at FASCOR talks distribution excellence in the BIG BOX era so that your business can be a premier supplier to the world’s largest retailers, who often pose challenging requirements just to do business with them.  He’ll present real case studies and review best practices to help your business streamline its distribution operations and rise to the challenges put forth by the BIG retailers.

Check out more distribution and manufacturing-related sessions on the GPUG Summit schedule!

The 12th annual GPUG Summit has something for everyone, regardless of what role in the organization you fulfill.  In fact, we have numerous GP goings-on all week long – educational & partner solution sessions, networking opportunities, GPUG Academy events – that will prepare you to meet your back office challenges better and more efficiently than ever before, and this is just a sampling.  Perhaps when you get back to the office, you’ll be that Dynamics GP resource envy of all your co-workers because YOU registered for and attended GPUG Summit.  Sign up at today!