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Bob's BloGPipes - GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Executives (Part 6)

By Bob McAdam posted Sep 04, 2018 07:58 PM


GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Executives

Did you know that GPUG Summit is tailor-made just for YOUIt’s true, regardless of your role.  So, who are YOU?

If you’re an Executive at a small or mid-sized business that runs Microsoft Dynamics GP, the most configurable and flexible ERP solution in the world, you need to make sure Dynamics GP is leveraged in the most efficient ways possible. One way to make that happen is to ensure your employees are trained by industry experts, immersed in the product you use for your financial longevity, and confident in seeking out answers to their everyday problems. The best way to do this is to send them to GPUG Summit.

But what about YOU? You have different responsibilities than your employees, but you still need to access the best education out there. That may include digging into critical product challenges you face or it could be educating yourself on the digital transformation your industry faces over the next few years.

All in all, GPUG Summit has tailor-made sessions and opportunities you can’t miss as an executive. Check out these three areas (to start) and join us at GPUG Summit Phoenix, October 15-18:

o   Corporate executives begin their week out west one day earlier than most others with our annual, full day Executive Program, focusing on ‘Digital Transformation’.  Only peer-level execs will be allowed to register & attend, and all discussions will be business-oriented.  This unique event occurs only once in North America, just prior to GPUG Summit, and an additional registration is required if you’re also in Phoenix for our flagship event.

o   Anthony Bonaduce, Sales Director (Americas) at Jet Reports, presents a session on visualizing your Dynamics GP data via Microsoft Power BI.  Executives have heard the hype, so now is the time to see what true end-results look like with this powerful new application and better understand business intelligence fundamentals.

o   GPUG Summit features over two dozen Partner Solution Showcase sessions from a vast list of Dynamics GP Independent Software Vendors, with many more displaying their fully-integrated solutions within our Expo Hall.  Why reinvent the wheel with custom code when a trusted community partner has already developed a solution your business can utilize?  Ask your partner for a guided tour of our Expo and get your system gaps filled.

Check out the full list of sessions on the GPUG Summit schedule!