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Bob's BloGPipes - GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Dynamics GP System Admins (Part 2)

By Bob McAdam posted Aug 29, 2018 09:20 AM


GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Dynamics GP System Admins


GPUG Summit has one dual track for IT Professionals as well as single tracks for Dynamics GP System Admins and Business Intelligence.  If you thought this conference was all about the accountants, think again.  There are over 40 sessions over three days to choose from in these areas alone.

Here are three such sessions that hit the mark in advancing system administrators everywhere…

o   Mark Polino, Director of Client Services at Fastpath, is here once again and presenting a session on the Dynamics GP security matrix.  He’ll discuss best practices and help you better understand the system’s idiosyncrasies, but you’d better hurry to see him as Mark’s sessions always fill up.

o   Mariano Gomez, Lead Software Engineer at Mekorma, and Steve Endow, Owner of Precipio Services, present on the topic of leveraging Microsoft Azure services with your Dynamics GP deployment.  These two long-time community contributors bring their industry experiences together for a unique, thought-provoking session that technical resources will thoroughly enjoy.

o   Charles Allen, Senior Consultant at BKD Technologies, and Kerry Hataley, Owner of Nanook Software, bring their vast skill sets to GPUG Academy on consecutive days to teach ‘SSRS 101’ and ‘SSRS 201’ classroom events, respectively.  Is your organization leveraging SQL Server Reporting Services to the extent it should be?  Your opportunity to drive this reporting platform that you already own back at your office successfully has arrived, and these two gents can guide you as well as anyone with their SQL Server and Dynamics GP knowledge.       

Check out more system administrator-related sessions on the GPUG Summit schedule!

The 12th annual GPUG Summit has something for everyone, regardless of what role in the organization you fulfill.  In fact, we have numerous GP goings-on all week long – educational & partner solution sessions, networking opportunities, GPUG Academy events – that will prepare you to meet your back office challenges better and more efficiently than ever before, and this is just a sampling.  Perhaps when you get back to the office, you’ll be that Dynamics GP resource envy of all your co-workers because YOU registered for and attended GPUG Summit.  Sign up at today!