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Bob's BloGPipes - GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Dynamics GP Controllers (Part 1)

By Bob McAdam posted Aug 28, 2018 11:04 AM


GPUG Summit is Tailor-Made for YOU: Dynamics GP Controllers

With 12 session tracks to choose from at this year’s GPUG Summit, the education line-up is NOT one size fits all. There are ample options to choose from and with good planning, the learning experience can be tailor-made for YOU

If you are a Controller using Microsoft Dynamics GP, check out these four (to start) GPUG Summit sessions available in Phoenix this October 15-18. If gaining a better understanding of real-time data, back-office preparation, upgrade planning, and/or the Purchasing Module of Dynamics GP is on your list of tasks, GPUG Summit has what you need! Read on…

o   Carol Rogne, CEO of DFC Consultants, will present a session that helps attendees become more strategic by understanding real-time data and improving management functions.  Your chance to get beyond the day-to-day debits & credits and better understand the data you’ve harnessed is here.

o   Rob Klaproth, Senior Consultant at Armanino, ensures your next Dynamics GP upgrade will be a successful one.  Controllers are often deeply involved in upgrade-related decisions and mastering best practices from someone who has been through involved projects such as this is key to success.  Rob will include take-home resources for his attendees, too.

o   Laura Murphy, Consulting Director at ACE Microtechnology, has a session that will help you better understand all that is involved in the Purchasing module of Dynamics GP.  If you want more, well-rounded payables functionality in areas of the system you already own, start here.

o   Rod O’Connor, Owner of Briware Solutions, has two full-day, comprehensive GPUG Academy classroom events that introduce Accountants to Microsoft SQL Server.  If you’re not an IT resource within your business but believe some days you absolutely need to be, here is a superb opportunity to learn some fundamental database best practices from someone who has both accounting and information technology under his belt.

Check out more Controller-centric sessions on the GPUG Summit schedule!

The 12th annual GPUG Summit has something for everyone, regardless of what role in the organization you fulfill.  In fact, we have numerous GP goings-on all week long – educational & partner solution sessions, networking opportunities, GPUG Academy events – that will prepare you to meet your back office challenges better and more efficiently than ever before, and this is just a sampling.  Perhaps when you get back to the office, you’ll be that Dynamics GP resource envy of all your co-workers because YOU registered for and attended GPUG Summit.  Sign up at today!