Bob's BloGPipes - Kicking off 2018

By Bob McAdam posted 01-11-2018 05:07 PM


Happy New Year!

One of my goals for the new year is to blog more right here on Bob’s BloGPipes via, so no time like the present to get started now that the boys are (finally!) back into a regular school routine around here.  If you’ve got #MSDynGP expertise to share, I encourage you to begin blogging here as well so that other #GPUG members can learn from your wisdom and experience.  If we’ve never met, I’m GPUG's General Manager and I’m now beginning my third decade (!) of using and supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP.  I spent nearly 14 years in the partner channel as an implementer, and now I’m an end user like many of you.

My very first #GPUG blog post goes back nearly 5 years to March 2013, when I introduced ‘Bob’s BloGPipes’ and indicated that my Scottish descent (on my father’s side) was the primary driver for the name I’ve given this page.  No, that’s not me playing the bagpipes nor have I even tried, but perhaps one day…

I’ll announce all sorts of #GPUG information here, be it event-related or educational in nature, so please be sure to check in at periodically, browse GPUG’s ‘Open Forum’, or follow me on LinkedIn (URL in my signature, below) as I am there every single business day as well. 

I’m bullish about GPUG in 2018 as we have a great deal in store for you, all of which will unfold on these pages this year and beyond!  This is THE place for end users and partners alike who utilize, support, and appreciate Microsoft Dynamics GP, so count on me and all my diligent colleagues here at Dynamic Communities to continue working hard on behalf of this incredible community.