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GPUG SIG: Sys Admin (May 28 2013)

At times, do you bang your head against the desk and say “why?”. Being a system administrator is tough, everyone wants you to do magic and in 4 seconds. Plus working in the fast moving technology space – it’s hard to keep up. Sometimes things break just because of one upgrade, and the list goes on. So GPUG has an answer. We created a Special Interest Group just for you. It’s call Sys Admin, it’s for IT professionals to connect, share and learn. This group will meet monthly and will be lead by John Lowther, GPUG All Star. Each month we’ll ask you what you’d like to learn and bring in the experts to help the group. Sound too good to be true? Not so – talk to you soon!

This month's topic: Special Session! Support Debugging Tool

Description: We are blessed to have David Musgrave, Microsoft, author of Support Debugging Tool, as our guest speaker for the Sys Amin SIG! Attend this webinar and you’ll learn more about the benefits and features of the valued tool: Support Debugging Tool. This month our meeting is early because it’s late in Perth where David lives! It will be worth it – we promise!

This is an OPEN event, all Members are invited!

SIGs meet via webinar to review common issues and experiences they have in their role. As is the case with all GPUG SIGs, users of all experience levels are encouraged to listen, learn, and share with others their own experiences.

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