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GPUG: Polino Roundtable (May 8 2013)

GPUG is about learning more about how to be better at your role within your company. The Polino Roundtable is an enlightening and educational hour where we'll hear from Mark Polino, CPA, GPUG All Star and Microsoft MVP on what is top of mind. You'll learn about what we should know to be stronger at our role. Don't miss it - it's always good!

Topic this month: Business Alerts!

Are you still tracking down problems in your business after they’ve become monsters? There is a better way. In the next Polino roundtable we’ll look at alerts in GP and how to get warned before things get out of hand in your business.

SIGs meet via webinar to review common issues and experiences they have in their role. As is the case with all GPUG SIGs, users of all experience levels are encouraged to listen, learn, and share with others their own experiences.

This is a PREMIUM event, all premium members welcome!

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